Who is Art Chantry?

A pivotal graphic designer often associated with the posters and album covers he designed for bands from the Seattle area, Art Chantry reveals a subversive side of graphic design. He combines low-tech processes including collage and appropriates early-era advertising imagery to produce work that appeals intuitively to mass marketing. His work smarts of sarcasm and compelling imagery that is embraced by both the graphic design field and the music industry.

Largely self-taught, Chantry’s career flourished in the ’80s and continues to influence and define an alternative to high design. Like the do-it-yourself movement now in vogue, his work pays tribute to the idea that you don’t need expensive advertising and equipment to make your voice heard. A term he refers to as “roughed-up” is pronounced in his work. This exhibit is a must-see for anyone interested in design and pop culture!

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The Life and Work of Designer Art Chantry