What Is in the Show?

"My Name is Art: The Life and Work of Designer Art Chantry" is a one-man graphic design exhibition with over 50 original posters by Art Chantry. The exhibition dates were from Monday, November 3 through Saturday, December 6, 2008. This online exhibition catalog is an archive of the posters that were on display in the Parkland Art Gallery.

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1138305725art chantry_orlando 1138305790makers -all night riot
1138305725art chantry_orlando 1138305790makers -all night riot
1138305725art chantry_orlando 1138305790makers -all night riot
1138305980man or astroman-surf maggots 1138306122gasoline-take it promo
1138306265quadrajet-pay the deuce promo 1138306463boredoms-moe
1138307341mono men-nomads (vinyl lp)-moe 1138307433lee county killers-hi-pointe
113830747713 cats-showbox 1138307557crap out
1138307611lee county killers-3b 1138307754tartuffe
1138307841danube 1138307913man or astroman-project infinit
1138308728fastbacks (huh)-3b 1138308881fells-wiretaps-3b
1138309013southern culture-santo-3b 1138474812built to spill-benefit-ok hotel
1138474893designated mourner 1138474955modest mouse-minus 5
1138475029fastbacks (hey)-moe 1138475333von zippers-bad generation
1138475606art chantry-bellingham 1138475688nam june paik-coca
1138475810okminoks-flakes-doubledown 1138475877boss hog-moe
1138476193sadies-3b 1138476563makers-doubledown
1138477648pearl jam-fastbacks-paris 1138477727skin
1138477807super sonic soul pimps-showbox 1143657525southern culture-dirt track-3b
1143657704art chantry-new york 1143658026calobo-showbox
1143658241gin game 1143658937macbeth
1143659052rootes group 1143659150paris adult world
1143659667ventures-crocodile 1143662216melvins
1143662433chairlifts of the gods 1143662624flying saucers-vox pop
1143663087weirdos-creepy crawl 1143664312built to spill-moe



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